Looking for push-pull component

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I am looking for component/part that pushes and pulls a "tube" which are used in automatics etc.
It's voltage something that can be used with microcontrollers, and it has to be cheap.

I'm planning to make a cheap little robot thingy, not too complicated, something that detects movements and then opens/closes cover of box.

It's hard to explain, because English isn't my native language, so here's gif instead: http://postimg.org/image/v7wvp881x/

Is there a cheap way to make something like that? It doesn't have to be super strong pusher, just something that can push or hold about 1kg weight.

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Look for H-bridge circuit. this will allow you to turn a motor forward and reverse. Door openers and linear actuators are expensive for a 'robot thingy'. try to do it with motors and a pair of pulleys. Again, search H-bridge to get motion in both directions..

even simpler would be to move in one direction and use a spring to pull it back closed (The motor would have to be strong enough to overcome a weaker spring.


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There have been a few similar threads lately.

The solution most suggested has been mechanical.

As a bell crank design for reciprocating motion.




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How heavy is the cover of this box? I like ErnieM's servo idea.

This idea sounds like a variant of the "most useless machine". Google that phrase and see what others have come up with. You can also search on instructables.com for "useless machine" for step by step instructions, using servos and geared motors. If you are using an MCU, most will have pre-written library code to control servos.

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The box opening/closing was just an example, I just need this thingy to work before I'm going to apply same idea on bigger projects.

The weight in my projects varies between 0.05kg to 1kg.