Looking for Pspice version 9.1 library files

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i am studying Pspice students version 9.1 but now i cannot deal with the full-wave controllable rectifiers when i simulation it was error (Errow!! Evaulation Version exceed) , when i ask my friends they told me that the problem is i don't have enough library . how can i get all those library? please help me .;)


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Try using LTSpice. The download is free and there are no restrictions. There is also a users group that can help you if you have a problem or need a model.


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I doubt it's related to the library. More likely it's a limitation on how large a circuit you can simulate with the student version of Pspice.


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The error undoubtedly suggets you are using either larger circuit (exceeding the limits of student version), or having some model which is not supported in student version.
You are using very old version of Pspice. Try using latest version (16.6), it has those various restrictions relaxed.