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Hi there,i am a second year student doing project for the first time.I dont have much experience about projects and looking for a project to design and modify.
I am still thinking about a project to design.
Please send me one(project) if they are available.I am willing to increase my knowledge in electronics and this is a challenge to me.

Any project available for beginners will be highy appreciated.


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Making a circuit to control something is usually fun. The app may not be world-shaking, but it can be seen to work, and it's satisfying if it's also neatly put together.

Look over the postings on this site that deal with PWM and see if any sound interesting. An LED-based strobe lamp might be a good project.


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When I was a 2nd year undergrad I/we developed a hand-held weather station controlled using a touch screen input. The touch-screen was controlled by an FPGA which also doubled as the memory device for storing all data input so that you could plot trends. Finally we wrote a mini-operating system to run the weather station implemented using a PIC.

Interestingly we implemented the OS graphical layout using hardware buffers, pretty much like modern OSes do.

Have a go at replicationg that.



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Optoelectronics is another area where there are plenty of project opportunities.

The infrared signal that is output from an ordinary TV remote control is a wealth of interesting data. The design and construction of an Infrared receiver that was able to distinguish between the different control codes that are transmitted when a particular button was pressed would form the basis of an interesting circuit. You could light an LED when a particular key was pressed and then turn it off when you pressed a different key.