Looking for low-cost RF module recommendations

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I am currently playing with a nifty little module from Anaren called AIR (2pg pdf here), for a low-power embedded project and it works OK; but I was wondering if anyone else had experience with any other like type modules?

My loose requirements are that I would like to reasonably (not pie-in-the-sky) hit 1/4 - 1/2 mile distances at slow speeds (9600 baud is fine). I would like to use an omni antenna (so no high directional antennas), would prefer the module to have pre-FCC approval, and would like the modules to be less than $15. Lower the power draw the better, but we know how that trade-off works!

Those requirements really limit me, but the Anaren part seems like it could cover them; I am just curious what other things are out there that I might have missed. I am not married to the 900MHz spectrum, it just seemed like the most likely place for me to meet my goals. This is for an outdoor transmission.