Looking for literature suggestions on getting aquainted with Arduino Wireless

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Yusif Nurizade

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Hello all! I am an electrical engineering student currently on a school team to enter NASA's Lunabotics competition where we have to build a remote controlled excavator to navigate an obstacle course, mine lunar regolith simulant and return it to a specified location. We have to communicate with the robot via a router and have decided on using the Arduino Microcontroller for this purpose. I previously made a thread asking for advice on choosing between a microcontroller vs. nettop and microcontroller combo which can be viewed here:


I have not had microcontroller experience prior to this project and started doing as many projects as I can to get acclimated. Don't worry there are other team members with experience and we have close to a year to build this thing. The questions I was hoping to get some advice on today was where can I find literature that can help me specifically with the networking aspect of it. I am hoping to interface a joystick (or two) to the controlling computer and preprogram some complicated onboard commands which would require only a small bit of data to be broadcast to activate (minimal bandwidth use is a part of the scoring for the competition.)

I know that there are many books out there about learning Arduino as well as websites. Unfortunately, many of these are general intro projects and the books I have seen give you a little bit of everything instead of a heavy focus on one thing. Can anyone recommend specifically wireless Arduino literature? I would strongly prefer online vs. books but would be grateful for both.