Looking for Eagle lbr's

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Hey guys.
Does any one know how I can get dummy lbr's.
U know, without any number or data.
I need some SMD's dummy to built a little circuit.

So, If any one has any Eagle lbr's, mind sharing.
I have lotta lbr's but no dummies. :(


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Y u no look in ref-packages.lbr? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
Ahhh, what do you mean by no numbers or data?

You know, you can create a new blank library, and put any thing you want in it.


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Hola Rifaa,

I just finished a three full days session dedicated to learn Eagle. (I think I did reasonably well).

The libraries coming with Eagle and those from Sparkfun seem to be the most complete that I could find. Probably the problem with them is to find what you need under the proper name.

Common (if that has sense today) components most likely are there.

Yesterday, rereading the "tutorial" (quite limited, let me say) it is evident that the designers of Eagle had in mind to not make easy transferring (steal?) devices from one existing library to another. But, honeslty, when you grasp how the devices are created, who cares? It is there forever (with due back up, of course).

LMF100 DIL 20 and 79L05 were not there. After a false start I created both to realize that the space availabe (Eagle free version) is short just for 0.4" for what I need now.

Starting to revise if I can squeeze things a little bit more.

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Sgt....Is tht a movie, nevertheless it was rather funny. LOL

Hola atferrari
I guess u r right. I have backed up my lbr's.

The reason I asked was that one member did show me the dummy parts with screen prints.
I cannot quite remember which thread and who the member is.
I was hoping that he would lend me the dummy files u know.

We'll see later, I was just trying to save some time with the lbr's. Really have my hands full these days.

Anyways thanks guys.