Looking for datasheets on CD-ROM

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Getting datasheets on the net is great and convenient but there are times when I don't have net access. So I am trying to find datasheets on CD-ROM. There was a short time between phasing out of the printed books and before the Internet was popular that most manufacturers put their datasheets on CD-ROM. That seems less common now.

I found datasheet CD-ROMs for National and ON but am having are hard time finding them for other manufacturers. Any help with the other manufacturers would be much appreciated.

National Semiconductor

ON semiconductor

I should mention these CD-ROMs are not free. National's costs $3.00 and I'm not sure about ON's.
Thanks in advance for the help.


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The Internet has killed off the humble CD-ROM for such tasks, and although as you have seen, some manufacturers do supply CD-ROMs many (even most) don't - at least not publicly. Could I suggest you could approach the manufacturers directly and see what they say about obtaining their datasheets archive on a ROM-based medium?

Another option is to use your net connection to build a repository of your own to take on the road. Use something like this as a starting point to get to collections of datasheets and databooks for several large manufacturers and then use a auto-downloader to queue-up and download the PDFs all at once. It is a bit faffy, however there are several browser tools that would make this job a few clicks.