Looking for a slender 1hp 220 VAC motor

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I've been banging my head against a wall these last couple of years because I just can't seem to find an appropriate electric drill for one of my machines. The machine in question is responsible for drilling 11/16" dia holes through 4" of plywood.

First, I started using Milwaukee drills such as these:


The problem with those drills is that the run at too low rpm (600, to be precise) for my application. They leave a very crappy finish in the drilled holes. I need a motor that runs at between 1500 and 4000 rpm. Anything in between is fine by me.

Then I tried these drills, which at first glance seem like the perfect device for my application:

The vendor claims 710W (about 1 HP) power at 2,800 rpm. But the drill quickly overheats and burns through its carbon brushes after a few hundred holes.

Now I'm beginning to think that perhaps it would be best if I could use a motor directly coupled to an industrial chuck mounted on heavy duty bearings instead of spending the rest of my days looking for a commercial drill that could fit my needs.

Any thoughts as to where I could find a 1HP, 1,800 rpm (or more) 220 VAC low diameter (slender) electric motor that I could use? @MaxHeadRoom


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Can you use one of the air or water cooled HS 3ph spindles together with a VFD (Huanyang) they run up to 24krpm (400Hz)
They are about a slim as you are going to get probably!


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What about a router? To drill a 3/4" hole is going to take some work. Going through four inches is going to take some time going through. Higher penetration rates are going to tax the motor significantly, and likely the bit as well. TOO HIGH an RPM will likely burn the bit and the plywood. Remember, it's not just the wood its also the resin used to laminate the plywood.

I've never seen a router that can plunge four inches so you'd have to make some serious modifications to it. What kind of drill are you using?