Looking for a simple working FM Transmitter circuit

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From reading quite a few posts on here, I keep seeing comments like "That circuit will never work because of XYZ". I'm a beginner at building this stuff, more of a hobbyist type person I suppose.

I am just looking for a transmitter that I can build that will work reliably without being super complicated, also if it's possible and someone has an example built in something like LT Spice, if you can maybe briefly explain how to test it. I build them on prototyping board as to prevent the problems you deal with when you use a breadboard.



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Search the internet for a simple FM transmitter circuit.



I have no idea if any of these circuits will work.
Have fun and good luck.

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"Simple" means poor performance. At least one of the two circuits posted above does not work.
I think many of the circuits from the website over there are designed wrong.
Here is a list of all the problems I spotted with the 2nd circuit. Here is my FM transmitter that fixed all the similar problems on another forum: