Looking for a mentor - Seattle area if possible.

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    Hey, I'm going to try and make this simple and quick. I'm posting this in the homework help section because i figured this is where knowledgeable individuals come to help people and that's exactly the kind of person I'm looking for.

    I'm looking for a mentor of sorts and i'll explain why below.

    A quick bit of info about myself. I'm a 23 year old male currently employed as an installer at one of the larger/est car audio chains in the industry (car toys) I started working here in December after closing down my 3 year business venture. (basically selling and installing alarms and stereo equipment from my small shop) I've ALWAYS been a hands on learner and taught myself everything i know. I'm relatively through in my research due to my heavy genuine interest in the field of electronics but that kind of research can be very time consuming and isn't always the most efficient way for ME to learn, like i said, i'm very hands on and absorb information much much faster when i can actually see what i'm doing and test the results in real time. I've played around with electronics from a very young age. i used to lock myself in my bedroom as a child and create. i had boxes of electronic components i had salvaged from all kinds of devices i had purchased at garage sales and i would just try things and see the results. this is how i learn.

    as i've transitioned into adulthood and acquired a full time job (somewhat) in my field of interest i've realized i have been unable to take care of all the things i need to take care of, work, and still have time to do the research i would like to do to feed my immense hunger for knowledge. it seems like a recipe for disaster. i need the job to pay the bills and continue to gain some experience which is a large part of the reason i decided to work here. but now i have no time for personal improvement. i'm essentially stuck in a position where i'm spinning my wheels. working to live and living to work. but the problem is, i guess my expectations were a bit high. i came here expecting to be working among other "me's" with knowledge (or a yearning for it) far beyond the scope of our position as 12 volt installers. however, what i've found is that for many of these other guys, it's just a job. they have a set of basic skills that fill the position and pays the bills... and that's all they care about. I want to design small circuits, modules, learn more about how and why things work, how to modify those things, do things properly, efficiently.

    and this is why i'm looking for a mentor, someone who can teach me in person, answer my questions, brainstorm, and is as interested in this stuff and teaching it as i am.

    i'm going to cut this short, i'm falling asleep. long day at work and i gotta do it again tomorrow :/ please respond if you are willing to help me out :)
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    I suggest you try this:

    Meets the first Saturday of every month. So far as I know they will meet on April 7, 2012.

    [SIZE=+1]Seattle Mens Wisdom Council at the Seattle Unity Church, 8th Ave and John St North of Denny Park. We council from 9 am to noon, back in the upper room, our regular space. Bring drums or share ours.[/SIZE]

    Best regards, tpo