Looking for a Good (FREE) Circuit Drawing Software

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I came across a program called "KICAD" a while back and was "VERY SURPRISED how powerful it was.....

Certainly worth the leisure time effort in building custom components and footprints...
I need to re-download it myself.


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If you just want to draw schematics, check my blog out (link shown on upper right corner of this post). If you want to draw schematics and simulate their operation on your computer then on of the various SPICEs will be what your want (they do have some learning curve associated).

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Go to Yahoo and search for the OldDosOrcad group. In the files section you will find OrCAD SDT 386+. Even though it is a DOS program it's not hard to get it to run on machines up through XP. You will want to download the manuals and the advanced video driver package (file name TBGDI095W.zip) and install it. This program works well on PC's that Use VESA compliant Video cards like the NVIDIA 9500GT. To get the files you will have to join the group. There are a lot of people to help you should you run into difficulty. There is also a companion PCB program called OrCAD PCB 386+.

Good Luck.
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