Looking for a function generator circuit using an ECG892.

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Hello all! I recently picked up an old ECG892 precision waveform generator chip from my local electronics shop,and i cannot find a datasheet for it. While searching i found an old post where Sgt. Wookie said that it was a clone of a XR-2206. I did find a datasheet for the XR-2206, but i want to make sure the pinouts are the same, at least. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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ECG doesn't make anything. They buy ordinary ICs from IC manufacturers, print their own part numbers on them then quadruple the price. Gullable people buy them as replacements for the real ones.


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Well the NTE864 and XR-8038 pinout are the same but different than the XR-2206.
Since Sgt. mentioned back in 2007 "Just finished a layout for an ECG892, which was a Philips clone of an XR-2206. Rather decent; 0.01 Hz - 1MHz with 100:1 range in six decades. Yes, it's obsolete too, sadly." Id guess it would be. Unless Sgt. or someone has the ECG892 datasheet kicking around then you will have to wing it. I may have both the XR-2206 and the XR-8038 IC's kicking around if you get desperate.


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NTE doesn't copy anything; they just order the parts from OEMs with their own markings on them, then makes an abbreviated datasheet, and waits for the parts to go obsolete.