looking for a datasheet of a diode

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  1. praondevou

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    Jul 9, 2011
    I'm looking for the datasheet of THIS exact component from THIS manufacturer.

    It seems to have been General Semiconductors (now Vishay?). It looks to me like a 27V unidirectional TVS in a SMC package (dimensions match, about 6.5x5.8mm)

    I drew in the picture of what I think it should be like. I can not disassemble it to make any test with the component.
    This is a simple 12V application, in the picture the lower terminal of the diode is connected to Ground.

  2. praondevou

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    Jul 9, 2011
    Now I think it's bidirectional because the multimeter diode test doesn't give a result. Still looking for this exact datasheet.
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    May 11, 2009
    30C 1.5SMC30CA TVS Vbr=28.5..31.5V, Vrwm=25.6V, 36.2A, 1500W(1ms), Bidirectional DO-214AB 1ba 1l Vs
    30C HZF30CP Z-diode 30V±10%, 900mW LRP 1d 2f Ren
    30C P4SMA30C TVS Vbr=27.0..33.0V, Vrwm=24.3V, 10.0A, 400W(1ms), Bidirectional DO-214AC 1ba 1j Eic
    30C P4SMA30CA TVS Vbr=28.5..31.5V, 9.7A, 400W (1ms), Bidirectional DO-214AC 1ba 1l Vs
    30C P6SMB30CA TVS Vrwm=30V, Vbr=28.5..31.5V, 14.5A, 600W(1ms), Bidirectional DO-214AA 1ba,3ba 1l,1e Vs,Ons
    30C P6SMBJ30C TVS Vbr=27..33V, 14A, 600W(1ms), Bidirectional DO-214AA 1ba 1p Lif
    30C RKZ30CKU Z-diode 28.36..29.82V, Izt=5mA, Zzt=80!, 500mW TURP-FM 7d 1a Ren
    This is from my Turuta databook. And Is a list of possible components. I marked with red those that Vishay produce. Since it has no marking for polarety. My gues is that it could be a bidirectional Transient voltage supressor (TVS)
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