Looking for a certain step up DC to DC module...

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    Nov 29, 2008
    Hi, I've got a system of two operational amplifiers which amplify a +-5V signal coming from two DACs to +-80V.
    It all works quite well with my table power supplies, but I want it to work from a single mobile 28V supply.
    The currents from the operational amplifiers aren't very strong, i.e. <100mA.

    How can I convert (and keep the ripple under 1V - 2V) 28VDC to +-75VDC - +-80VDC ?
    My first idea was to use 4 '28VDC to 48VDC' modules from SynQor (the InQor series with insulation) in series. However I'm not sure I can connect them as easily in series as I do it with my regular table PSUs. Also, there could be a cheaper solution.

    Any ideas?