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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by despat, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. despat

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    Feb 24, 2013
    I'll try to briefly explain what I have done and what I want to add (help needed).

    In my latest car project, I have an HHO generator that's adding Hydrogen to the Air/Fuel mixture. The idea is to use an EFIE (intrument which I have installed) to intercept the voltage signal to the Oxygen sensor and fool the ECU into thinking that there is too much Oxygen in the exhaust and thus reduce the consumption of fuel. Well, the car will not bogg down because it getting the free Hydrogen for the H2O electrolysis reaction. The problem is my car has a turbocharger installed. So the EFIE is only good until I boost (meaning press down more then usual to engage the turbocharger). While Boosting the car needs all the fuel it can get so I don't want the EFIE working at that time.

    So here is what I have currently installed: I have a relay setup so that when the car starts the EFIE is connected to the NORMALLY CLOSED circuit (30 and 87) on the relay but when in boost the BOOST controller provides a negative trigger to connection 85 (on the COIL) so that now 30 and 87a are connected to a mere bulb that signals I am boosting. The Efie in not off.

    Problem is that I don't want the EFIE to turn off, I just want to put a bypass on the two wires that connect to the EFIE. Namely, the wire coming from the O2 sensor and the wire going out to the ECU (carrying the altered voltage to fool the ECU).


    I would rather have a transistor or relay (or whatever is suitable) that would be triggered to shunt the actual O2 signal from the sensor directly to the ECU (bypassing the EFIE). But this must happen only when the 5 pin BOCSH Automotive relay is energized.

    Any ideas would be greatly apprciated. This may be a simple 2 relay problem, but I am new to electronics and would like some better ideas.

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