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Hi, apologies for using up some of your neurones with this but it is Christmas :)
I stumbled across your forum while trying to get to grips with a Geocaching puzzle. The clue is obviously based on a 4011 and 4025 CMOS circuit but the showers of rust as I root about in the box room at the back of my brain are obscuring my view!
The output (the ** below) will be the back end (minutes and decimal seconds) of some latitude/longitude co-ordinates - the figures at the top of the diagram are slightly clipped - they are 53.**.*** and 002.**.*** It is very likely to be 53.00.*** or 53.01.*** and 002.06.*** or 002.05.***
Do you think I'm going to have to get into pinout diagrams and datasheets from Fairchild or is it not that deep?




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Originally posted by A44E@Dec 22 2005, 07:32 PM
Cracked it :)
Learnt more about NORs and NANDs than I could ever want or need to know...
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it's good you have already figured it out, if you need anymore function info on those chips feel free to post and am sure our knowlegeable members would gladly help out. MERRY CHRISTMAS!