Long Range UAV data link

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Hey guys,

I am building a long range data link for a surveying UAV platform, and I want to know if using two separate links of two different but near frequencies will interfere with each other.
One would be an Applied Wireless 3Mbps 922MHz FSK data single direction transmitter and the other would be a Digi International 115Kbps XTEND 900MHz FSK transceiver (with frequency hopping).

If this setup will not work, can you suggest a single RF transceiver module(or solution) with the data rate of the Applied Wireless module and the range of the XTEND module.

This is my thinking:
One link should be longer range, be more robust, but data rate is not that important (115Kbps would be plenty).
The second one should be high speed around 2-3Mbps, suitable for video, but range is not as (range would be a plus).
The video link doesn't need to be robust like the low speed link since it only streams video and the low speed link will still maintain a connection since it is the primary control link (for a surveying UAV platform).

I need at least 20Km range, which is my big issue. I'm happy to use directional antennas on the ground, but everything on the UAV platform must be small and lightweight (a 1W RF amp would be okay though).

This is for a university research project I'm working on.

Any help would be appreciated.