long line transmission model

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    hey guys. was wondering if anyone could help me start this question. general outline of what should be done will be fine.

    A three phase 50 Hz 330 kV 250 km long overhead transmission line consists of double circuit with four conductors bundled together. The conductors are transposed at regular intervals. The transmission line supplies a load of 400MVA, 330 kV at a power factor of 0.8 lagging. The radius of the conductor is 2.6 cm and resistance of each conductor of the bundle is 0.20467 /km. The transmission line conductor configuration is given in Figure 1. Using the long line transmission
    line model find the following:
    a) Sending end voltage and current.
    b) Transmission line efficiency in percentage​
    c) Transmission line voltage regulation in percentage

    figure is attached. cheers for any input