Long life and glory to the one who invented the desoldering wick.

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After two days of intensive soldering to build a particular diode matrix, last night I completed the heavy part.

Suffering essential tremor (no interest to discus that in any way) I made enough errors that the desoldering wick helped to correct quickly so I could maintain a steady pace until the end.

The one who had the idea deserves my admiration and respect.


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I could not solder SMT 0.65mm chips without it!

Use the largest "screwdriver" bit you have (at least 3mm), and a bit of flux. You should then be able to move the solder along to the end of the row, where it can be removed with the usual desoldering pump. Braid is my last resort! (Because if I use it up there will be an occasion when I really need some and I have run out and forgotten to order it).
Another thing you can do is add solder (from a used bit of braid) to SMD packages where a little more is needed.


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I use braid and stopped using my solder sucker because sometimes the kickback when releasing the spring on the sucker the tip would tear off a pad. Particularly bad with very light copper coatings.

Thanks for reminding me to buy coffee while at the grocery store tonight.


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My go-to is braid for any kind of smd rework. I use a sucker and vice for clearing out thruholes. Both methods are effective.

Recently had to change a bunch of three way zero ohm jumpers. Thought about doing it with the pencil iron and braid. Ended up being faster to use the hot air gun. Took all of 20 seconds. The pencil would have taken 5 minutes or more.

Right tool for the right job. And acquire as many tools as possible because it’s fun!