Logitech Z323 fried amp board

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Hi all, here is the current situation:
One day I was using my PC, and my speakers (Logitech Z323) wouldn't turn on. I was curious to why it didn't. I tried the most common troubleshooting methods (changing power chords, switching on/off rapidly, etc.) however it did nothing. There were 3 speakers in the 2.1 system, a sub woofer and 2 satellite speakers. What caught my eye first was the sub woofer, it had unusually big chassis for the size of the sub woofer it housed also this was where the mains connected went into. When I took it apart, I had found a transformer circuit board and an amplifier board. When I took a closer look at the boards, I had found that they were damaged some how, there were melted components. I wanted to find replacements for these boards, because I assume it is cheaper than buying a brand new set of speakers, as well as the speakers themselves still worked( I connected them to a mixer). I was wondering if I bought an amplifier board and connected them to a LED driver( as a transformer) would it be suitable to get these speakers working again and is there anyway to prevent this from happening again? i highly doubt i can repair the board as i tore one the metallic paths in an attempt to remove a screw (which had melted plastic on it, making it hard to remove).

So here are my questions:
Would it be ok to use a LED driver as my power supply?
What are some amplifier boards which i can use on these speakers?
They must be a 2.1 type, having a connection to the subwoofer and a 3.5mm jack so i can connected it to a PC.

Here are some pictures I took:

http://s1185.photobucket.com/albums/z356/danknewen/shitty fried logitech amp and transformer boards/

Here is the driver I am planing to buy:
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Its total power output is 30W at a horrible 10% clipping distortion or about 24W before clipping. The sub-woofer power before clipping is 14.4W into 6 ohms and might use a bridged amplifier. Then its power supply is about 17V or 18V.

The satellites have 4.8W each before clipping and are 4 ohms. So their amplifiers also use about 17V or 18V.

The system probably won't work or will work poorly from a 12V power supply.

Where will you buy many Chinese parts to fix it? It is cheap so just replace it.
Creative also make some nice Chinese computer speakers.

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What power supplies and amp boards do you recommend for these speakers?, also what high quality speakers do you recommend for computer use?