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    Apr 24, 2014
    I am working on a serial two's complement assignment. I have done the state transition diagram and k-maps for the JK and D flip flops. I am a little confused on how the outputs of the flip flops (Q and Q') are supposed to be connected and where to place a binary probe to view the output. Also, not sure what to connect to set and reset on the FF's.

    My inputs are Data (D) and Sync (S), while (Q) is present state.
    My equations are:
    D FF = D+S'Q
    JK FF: J = D and K = SD'

    (Z) output = SD+DQ'+S'D'Q

    Below are links to pictures of my attempts to implement the JK FF, on one I added a D FF at the output since my professor said it would synchronize the output but I don't think its connected correctly. Another photo seems to produce the correct output except the JK FF outputs aren't connected to anything. The third I use the FF outputs as inputs for Z but that produces incorrect results.

    I am still learning so any help is appreciated.



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    Apr 25, 2014
    Is this a mealy or a moore machine?

    also I'm wondering why you are using two different flip flops?

    whats your state diagram look like?

    Just to be clear. Im working on a similar assignment and am having trouble my self. I'm tracing my problem back to the state diagram since everything starts from there.
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