[Logical Circuits Theory] Hazard elimination

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Hi guys.
Im trying to solve one problem from classes. I minimized given function using Karnaugh maps. Then I added group to prevent hazard phenomena (green group - 01010 and 01110).

So I've got function \(Z_{11}\).
My question:
Are my further modifications correct? I'm not sure if by extracting before bracket few elements I didnt mess up hazard safety. Is that correct solution?
I would appreciate any help.
Cheers, Tom

Also I just noticed, that I didn't write down one of groups. But in case there would not be that group - is that correct?
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What type of hazards are you afraid of? Race conditions or something else? Can you provide more background information about your current lesson?


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You don't have race conditions in combinational circuits. Just calculate the propagation time of the gates and check your result after the time has passed. It will always be correct.