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hey guys i need logic diagram for these question on karnaugh map. i would be happy if you can draw the logic diagram on "Paint" or.... and upload it on imageshack for me....

1)A 4-bit binary number is represented by A,B,C and D with A being the MSB. design a logic circuit that will produce a high output whenever the binary number is less than 0100 and equal or greater than 1010.

2)A 4-bit binary number is represent as D,C,B,A where D,C,B,A represent the individual bits with A equal to the LSB. the logic circuit with this 4 bit binary number will produce a HIGH ouput whenever the binary is greater than 0011 and less than 1110.

3)A 4-bit binary number is represented by A,B,C and D with A being the MSB. X denotes the "dont care" condition.
0000 = 1
0001 = 1
0010 = X
0100 =X
0110 = 1
1000 = 1
1001 =1
1110 = X
1111 = 1

Thanks for anyone whom take the time and draw out the logic diagram of this karnaugh map questions for me!!!


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Try this site for a tutorial on karnaugh maps:

Please specify exactly what you need help on and show your progress thus far.

The karnaugh map is used to design circuits using the smallest number of components. Therefore, a thorough understanding of it's use is essential. As a professional engineer, you will be expected to research and resolve design issues.