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    can someone please help me with my project?
    I m just asking for a little bit of help on how to start.
    I would appreciate it if someone gives me some directions.
    here is the project:

    Design the control logic for an alarm clock (for simulation purposes 20ns simulation = 1 minute real
    time – this can be adjusted somewhat for simulation purposes but not to overly simplify the design).
    a. Use multiple input signals (alarm set input, the snooze, and the alarm time).
    b. The design will contain one output (Alarm_On). A logic high at the output represents the alarm
    being “on”.
    c. A set of input switches (manual toggle style switches) will be used to set the time the alarm
    should go off at.
    d. When the simulation starts, and internal counter (created by the group as part of the design) will
    start counting (representing/roughly simulating a clock).
    e. If the alarm set input signal (use an input signal part) is high, then the alarm should turn on when
    the internal count equals the preset alarm value. If at any point during the simulation the alarm
    set input is switched off, the alarm should turn off by the next complete clock cycle.
    f. If the snooze button is activated (generate a pulse using the input signal part that is at least one
    full clock cycle in duration) the alarm should turn off and then turn back on after 5 minutes.
    g. Repeat snooze button simulations (pulses) should cause the same behavior in the circuit so this
    portion of the circuit needs to be able to reset itself.
    h. If at any time the alarm set input signal goes low, the Alarm_On output should go low by the end
    of the next complete clock cycle.
    i. You must figure out how you want to control the Alarm_On output signal and the logic needed
    for this design.
    j. Counter(s) and not input signals must be used to trigger the timing related aspects of this design
    (ex. snooze for 5 min, count to preset alarm setting).
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    I assume this is school homework? You should start by doing a good bit of this first yourself, and then come back for refinements and suggestions. I'd probably start by drawing a block diagram of the logic, and then figure out how to execute that with a microprocessor.
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