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A short while ago I had a discussion with a fellow who wanted to grease the skids for putting some LTspice material on Github. On the surface it sounded like a good idea, but as with all ideas there appear to be some downsides. As an alternative I wonder if it would be possible to create a collection of threads that would be readable by all but added to by "one" or a small number of people. Let us say there was a thread on Active Filters, The material and the examples would be in the there, but any discussion and comments would take place in a separate thread accessible by all. That way such a restricted thread would serve as a repository for useful circuits and examples of how to do things without the necessity of wading through discussions which may be distractions at the moment. The comments, discussions, and improvements would still take place but they would be separate from the tutorial and "how to" information. It would not have to be limited to LTspice but could include other simulators, layout tools, and so forth.


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I insist in that the list of whatever is made available, no matter where / how, should be in the very first post in alphabetic order, separated/organized following a certain criteria for subject/s.

Creating a thread of several (many) tens of posts will be a vain effort; nobody will peruse the whole thing while a single alphabetic list is an invitation to satisfy your interest in seconds.

Doing otherwise is condeming too much of a precious effort to oblivion in the arcane obscure depths of a forum.

Preaching in the desert is not my specialty but I hate to see anyone wasting his time for nothing.

See if not, all the sites that accumulated huge amounts of datasheets. It is preferable a thousand times going to a site with a good search engine that has them all.


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I second the need for an indexing system. The value of any collection is its index. In fact, the value of a collection of LTSpice simulations would not be reduced much if it were simply an index of where on AAC the simulation was rather than a compendium of such simulations.

I cannot think of any instance in which a simulation was posted that was not integral to a specific thread. Is the TS's suggestion to move that simulation, duplicate it, or simply to link to it in the proposed new thread?

How would those simulations be indexed? How about a little perspiration with this inspiration and provide an index for, say, the last 20 simulations or last 2 months of simulations presented on AAC?

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I have had mostly negative experiences with the "alldatasheet" type interfaces. I would much prefer it if the manufacturers would either maintain their own archive or contract out the maintenance of an archival datasheet engine. I don't disagree with the need for a "useful" search feature and the one we have for finding past threads needs some additional features like listing them in revers date order instead of picking matches based on...I don't know what. That is why I am not rushing to a solution -- maybe there isn't one. Our friend @Bordodynov has his collection on a rudimentary website with text files that can be searched and some cool graphics for the transformers and I for one am grateful to him for doing this. It also has duplicates and anachronisms. Managing any kind of "useful" repository and curating the contents is going to take some work and I'm not sure who would volunteer to undertake such a burden. Without some management it would have a tendency to accrete cruft over time, diminishing its usefulness.

BTW -- cruft is a "term of art" in the software development business. It is the code that has been there for so long everyone has forgotten why it is there and if it is ever used.
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Papabravo, much like you, I also lament that most Semiconductor manufacturers mostly abandon the datasheets and app notes for the products they no longer sell.

While I fully understand the business decision, it is nevertheless a great loss.