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    Jan 24, 2011

    I am looking for a companies similar to Digikey and Mouser but instead of focusing on IC Semiconductor products focuses on Electro-Mechanical components. I am trying to find a OEM pump that I can integrate into my device but am not having much luck finding any.

    I am developing a water recirculation device that needs a pump with the following specifications:

    - Fluid being pumped is fresh water
    - Rate is 1-5 Gallons per Minute or 60 - 300 Gallons per Hour
    - Application is to keep the water at a constant temperature by recirculating water over a heat exchange coil

    I am use to designing devices mostly with IC components in them and usually use DigiKey and Mouser in addition to some specific manufacturers for my IC components. I usually do not get involved with larger non-IC components such as the pumps that I am looking for.

    It seems like all the pumps I find are for commercials or residential used for a specific end of line application such as for a hottube, pool, water main pipe, etc... I am trying to find a manufacturer or distributor that distributes the OEM pump that can be used for mass quantity buys 1000+.

    For example a designer of a fish tank pump will go and find the a specific pump for their need and develop their product using the OEM pump and then turn around an sell the pump for $45-100. I am trying to find the non-specific OEM pumps that I can get a hold of as opposed to the already developed end-of-line retail pump product such as a fishtank pump.

    This would be a commercial product and therefore finding a reliable manufacturer that and provide a quantity buy at low cost is desirable.

    Thank you much
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    Try http://www.globalspec.com
    They have thousands of OEM's on there. There is a parametric search engine once you get into the category you want.

    You'll need to create a loginID to perform a search, but they only send out mailings once in awhile.