Locating a TFT LCD? Foxconn CT022TN05 V.6 M1-F?

Discussion in 'Electronics Resources' started by salsaman, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Jan 19, 2010
    I'm doing a repair and need a replacement for this 176x220 display, and had hoped it would be a widely available standard component. It seems like it's not...:(

    I've searched for a little while, and even though I can find references to "CT022TN05 V.6", I can't figure out if the "M1-F" code matters. The vendors are mostly Chinese, and Google translate can tell me just enough to make me wonder.

    FWIW this is for a universal remote control (Logitech Harmony One) and there is no repair service, just replacement, which seems silly since it's probably not a very expensive component! I could easily replace it if I could locate one; the remote was not difficult to disassemble.

    Any suggestions for low quantity vendors of small TFT LCD's would be most appreciated!