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hi all,

Good morning to everybody.I want to know about loading effect.

1.What is loading effect?

2.In a big circuit there will be many number of modules.Then how to connect these modules without this loading effect?(the loading effect comes into picture when we add two modules).

3.What precautions should be taken to avoid this loading effect?

4.How to know the amount of load(resistance) when we connect the one module to other modules output?(second module to the first modules output).
Ex:when we connect the o/p of a sensor to the opamp i/p(for signal conditioning)
(or )
o/p of opamp circuit to the i/p of ADC.

I will be eagerly waiting for this answers.thank u...:)


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loading refers to the phenomena that occurs when a load circuit having low effective impedance is connected to a supply circuit having higher effective impedance.

this happens because the net parallel resistance is lower than any individual resitors making up the parallel combination. So on connecting the load circuit effective reduces the resistance, drawing more (load) current causing greater voltage drop in the suplly circuit.

this can be eliminated if the load resitance is much grater than the source resistance. So ideally buffers would totally eliminate loading

what thid does is cause voltage to drop across the load - poor regulation