LNB Testing & Dish Alignment

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Dear Friends!
I am looking for simple solution for my satellite Dish alignment without taking TV and Satellite Receiver near the Dish to monitor the signal since its not practical in my case. Also, is there any way to test LNB independently without attaching with the Satellite Receiver?


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LNB (Low Noise Block) tester is essential in finding clear, strong signals from a satellite TV service in order to maximize satellite dish installation. The LNB tester is a great way to make sure that the best signal possible is received from the satellite orbiting over head. They are usually very affordable and connect between both the satellite dish and TV receiver. They weigh less than a pound and fit in the palm of anyone’s hand. >> http://www.bestofferbuy.com/LNB-Sat...e=gbase&utm_medium=cse&utm_campaign=gbase_usa