LMC6041 op-amp Schematic diagram Required

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Dear Forum Members
i need LMC6041 op-amp Schematic Diagram, if anyone have it plz help me.
i also need to know its subresstitute that has slew rate of 0.015 V/micro second....

i m looking for ur immediate response

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i have gone through its data sheet. the slew rate of suggested op-amp LM741 is 5 V/microsecond that is much higher than slew rate of LMC6041 i.e. 0.015 V/microsecond. please refer some other op-amp meeting requirement of LMC6041 op-amp slew rate......
i m not finding LMC6041 at any Electronics shop at Karachi....



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Just use the TL08x series, they're easy enough to find. Even the LM1458 is still fairly valid.

TL081 is the single
TL082 is the dual
TL084 is the quad

Even though they've been improved upon by quite a bit I still use the TL08x series quite often, they just seem to be pretty solid and forgiving.


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The LMC6041 opamp our OP is talking about is rail-to-rail input and output, is a micropower opamp with extremely low current supply requirements, and it's input current requirement is extremely small. I wouldn't be worried about having a higher slew rate; it's the R-R I/O and extremely high input impedance that I would be looking for. If he's trying to repair an existing device, he'll need an opamp with similar characteristics and pinout.