LM3900 output

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Neil Groves

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Hi Guys...

I am building a circuit using the LM3900, i am building section by section and testing as i go, i have a sinewave going into the chip at pin 3, the output at pin 4 however is severely clipped top and bottom, with the device i am using should i expect to see something similar at the output or something vastly different? i want to get each section working properly before proceeding to the next.



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It's difficult to put a finger on it, as you have not included a schematic.

Attaching a schematic to your first post helps focus in on the problem, rather than the lack of a schematic, and wasting time because we don't know what your circuit looks like.

Opamps need feedback to control the amount of gain. Without proper feedback, you will get either clipping, or oscillations.