LM35 1V-5V Output from 30°C to 100°C (OpAmp Config)

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  1. Eduardo Aguirre

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    Aug 30, 2015
    Hello guys! I was wondering if you could help me with a class assignment. Right now I am learning about OpAmps configurations, I am trying to modify an output signal coming from a LM35 in order to achieve a 1V at 30°C and 5V at 100°C output.

    I am not sure if I am doing this right so your help will be appreciated.

    The LM35 Datasheet shows that the Volt/Temp output works with a 10mV / °C linearity. That means that at 30°C Vout = 300mV. So first I need to add 700mV to get 1V at 30°C (I know I can do that just adding a constant input of 700mV from another source).

    But here's the problem, so far I know that between 30°C and 100°C I have a 70°C gap, and also from 1V to 5V there's a 4V gap which means I must add a (4/70) factor for every °C which gives:


    For me it seems like I need a variable Gain to get something like: 1V + n(4/70)=Vout where n is the gain and varies from 1 to 70, and I dont know if a configuration like that is possible.

    Another solution might be just multiplying each 10mV for a 4/70 gain but as input I'll just have values like 310mV, 320mV, 330mV and the linearity will be lost ( is there a way to just take that 10mV difference per °C?)

    I am pretty sure there's an easier way to do it but I've been struggling with this, and that's why I am asking for help. Thank you!
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    Hola Eduardo,

    Usually, it is always the same: you scale the difference between extreme inputs to get the desired difference between extreme outputs, and THEN you move them (offset bah) a certain value.

    BTW, before doing any further calculation do yourself a favor and RE-READ the datasheet.

    Keep in mind these words: linearity, absolute, Kelvin and lost. Then, go for numbers using the magic one.

    Show your work as tidy as possible.
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    Mar 30, 2015
    This should probably be posted in the Homework forum.

    What are your constraints? Are you to use only the LM35 and an opamp?
  4. crutschow


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    Close, but no cigar.
    You don't need (or want to try to design) a circuit with variable gain.
    It just needs a fixed gain with an offset.

    Here's some additional info to help get the ball rolling:

    The LM35 output voltage changes 10mV * (100-30) = 700mV from 30°C to 100°C.
    For that you want a voltage change of 5V - 1V = 4V at the op amp output.
    So what op amp gain do you need for that?

    Since you also want a LM35 output of 300mV to equal 1V at the opamp output then you will need to add/subtract an offset.
    So, with the op amp gain that you calculated above, what offset is needed to give a 1V output at 30°C?

    The rest of your assignment is to design the op amp circuit to do that.