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I am using a National Semi part LM317 regulator, and I wanted to know whether someone can help me with a question.

The Question;

If I have a 24vdc signal coming in and I reduce it to 5vdc does it change the response time of the signal?



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The LM317 is quite fast and has a quick response time if you don't use any caps, or use very small caps.

What is the fequency/periods of the incoming 24v square wave?


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If you are trying to reduce a 24VDC digital signal to 5V with low power output, there are many betters ways then to use an LM317 regulator.


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The point is it is a voltage (or current) regulator for a power supply. I have seen exactly one schematic where it was used as part of an oscillator, I've never tried it for that application.

So if you have a IC that required 5VDC, such as TTL, then this chip would be great for the application. It would convert a 12VDC power supply to a 5VDC power supply.

One other thing, schematics are the language of electronics. When you ask a question it is pretty important to include a schematic for your application. Something like this perhaps:


If you don't know how to attach a schematic just ask.
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