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Why live streaming has some delays? Why it can't be like a chat, a Yahoo Messenger chat for example, where it is totally live with no noticeable delays?

I'm playing around about live streaming and I registered already at U Stream and Live Stream.

It doesn't fulfill my expectations. I thought I can play videos and musics, but not.:mad:

Would somebody recommend me a live streaming which I can play videos and musics. That would greatly help me!:)



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Consider the amount of information it takes to send a a few words.

No consider how much information it takes to supply 30+ pictures per second with constant, synced audio...

Unless you have got a decent internet connection, then of course it's not going to run perfectly.:)


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Do you know what your internet connection speed is? Live streaming requires certain minimum rates, the amount depending on the type of material you are trying to access.

Low bit rate sound (not hi-fidelity) audio might work at just tens of kilobits/s. Better audio needs from many tens to low hundreds of kilobits/s. Video needs more speed, a few hundred kilobits/s does not give such a good picture, some Megabits/s would be better.


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A lot of internet connections have a lower amount of data per second from the computer to the internet (upload) than from the internet to the computer (download).
This means that you might be able to watch videos OK, but streaming them from your webcam could be a problem.
I just checked mine and download is 13Mbps, but upload is only 0.83Mbps.
Search for "broadband speed test".


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BUFFERING and BANDWIDTH. LIVE EVENTs HAVE ALL VEiewers watching at once, Other stuff is only 1 on 1 or site to view. Not site > 100,000 people.