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    May 8, 2012
    Hello i am student and i am doing my masters and i got a thesis on LISA programmer and below i am attaching my thesis topic..

    Could anyone kindly help me how is the topic, is it useful if i learn in future for my job market and can anyone provide me complete details of it.

    Thesis Details:
    Power Losses estimation on complex printed multilayer copper
    structures using the LISA finite element solver​
    The LISA finite element solver offers a comprehensive amount of functions for several physical
    domains at an astonishing low price. Nevertheless, the user interface is in most cases not
    suitable for the design engineer who is not directly familiar with the FEM methodology.
    The goal of this Master Thesis subject is to establish a way to convert printed wiring board data
    into a file format useful for LISA, to verify the implementation and to use it to analyze detail
    problems currently available at HSG.
    The following steps for the Thesis are proposed:
    - Familiarization with LISA (electrical part )
    - Assessment of available data and data formats from Board layout tool (Cadence)
    - Programming an importing tool for LISA with easy user interface (Excel, C, Python….)
    - Analysis and measurement of real existing board samples (testboard)
    - Verification of simulation results <-> real values
    - Usage of established tool on real applications regarding upcoming HSG projects​
    - Documentation