Liquid Level Control, Solenoids, and marine batteries, oh my!

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    Hey hey,.. so i know little about electronics, and i want to ask before i buy then fry something. First off, I'm in need of hooking this Liquid Level Control to a 12v deep cycle marine battery. But it's specs are:
    Power Supply 12 v dc / 60mA
    Maximum Load 5A
    So i'm wondering if it can in fact be hooked directly to a 12V car battery, or will that fry it? If that WILL fry it, how would i go about powering it with the marine battery? I guess the max load figure scares me, since i know a car battery has more amp then that, but maybe thats the load the controller can handle to power devices, devices like below i hope?..

    And Secondly, when powered, could such a device as that Liquid Level Controller pop open this noid?

    I think so,.. but thought someone more familiar with electronics could be more sure before i click buy 
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