Lipo battery with charging circuit.

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I salvaged a 4v Li-po battery out of a broken Bluetooth speaker, it has what appears to be a charging circuit under the battery wrap. Will I be able to charge this battery from a computer 5v USB connection without any problems?

Andrei Suditu

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If it's the circuit under the kepton yellow wrap is a safety ic most lipo's come with.
You usually need a charger circuit.
Aliexpress has the quite cheap.
Never charge a lipo with a current exceeding it's mAh capacity.


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That is almost certainly only cell protection, but, because it includes over and under charge protection it is often the only battery management in devices that use a single prismatic LiPo cell.

A 47Ω 1/2W resistor in series will limit the current to ≲125mA with 5V applied. The protection board will stop the charging then the cell reaches ≲4.2V.

To be sure the board is operational, I would test this with a bench supply or sacrificial USB wall wart before trusting it, on say, a computer USB port.