LiPO battery to power ARM M at 3.3 volts

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  1. Amalinda

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    Sep 7, 2012
    I want to power a ARm M using a LIPO battery.

    two option I have currently

    one is to use a LDR (linear regulator) that would reduce the 3.7 till it becomes 3.4 volts and then my arm wont work

    the other solution is to use a IC like TPS63020
    this after doing the LDO automatically switches to boost mode and drains the battery till 2.7V which is not harmful to the battery and boosting will stop there after to stop damaging the batttery

    Can somone pls tell me which is the best solution? Does this TPS63020 do a good linear regulation? is there any other Ic I could use?

    or should I first let a LDR do its job and manually detect the voltage and then manually switch to boost one the voltage of LIPO reaches 3.3 and stop at 2.7?

    which method would be better?

    my last question is should I make the TPS63020 output 3.3 and directly provide it to the ARM? Would it be smooth enough?

    thank you so much for all your replies