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hello friends
i am looking for some sites of microcotrollers which gives practicle knowlege about interfacing ,proggraming,about kits, can any one help me?


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In general, the manufacturers of the microcontrollers have that information. There are many different microcontrollers, each with different characteristics. If you can be more specific about your applications, perhaps somebody can suggest a site.


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As beenthere mentioned in his reply there are a number of routes for your to go. It will help for you take a moment to think about what types of projects you imagine you would want to undertake using a microcontroller.

I myself am most comfortable with the ATMEL line of AVR 8-bit microcontrollers but PICs are just as capable when all is said and done.

You can visit ATMEL's website at and navigate to the AVR 8-bit section for more information.

You can also go to and get some very basic information on what is involved in Assembly Language programming an AVR device.

There is also a forum that is dedicated to all things AVR at There you can find information on available software much of which is free. The assembly language development software titled AVRSTUDIO4 can be downloaded free anytime from ATMEL's website. It is powerful simulation tool so you could download it and start plying with the software even before you make up your mind on which microcontroller best fits your applications. This website is also helpful in providing information on the available development tools.

There is a free C-language compiler that you can obtain online if C is your programming language of choice.

I got started with AVR programming on a budget of around $100 US. It was probably one of the best $100 purchases I ever made. I spent $80 on my STK500 development board and $20 dollars on a power supply. I paid nothing for the software tools since the ones I am using were free. The only other thing you need is a PC and you are all set.



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UCHobby! [Microprocessor Hobby]

Make Magazine

Store, there are several but I like what I see here

Also make a form letter and address it to as many manufacturers of those products as you care to contact. Atmel, Xilinx, Intel, Cirrus, Sony, AMD, etc etc

Be as professional sounding as you can even though you're young.

Ask for literature only at this point. You may mention the grade you're in now and what you plan to study in high school. You can also ask for their engineering bulletin as well.

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