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    Jun 16, 2008
    I have attached a picture.

    I have a Magnavox 50" Plasama. It had two 30 line green bars from the top left to the middle of the screen. I bought two sets of three boards that the ribbon cables attach to along the top. They go from the boards to the plasma screen.

    When I replace the board behind the two green bars one went away. When I replaced the board on the right hand side a new green bar of 15 lines appeared. When I tried my second copy of that board the 15 lines became yellow and a new 30 line red bar appeared to its right. When I then tried my second copy of the right hand board the red line went away but the 15 line yellow bar remains.

    So by changing the boards I can make these lines come and go but not the one green line on the left. What is at work here?

    On YouTube some guy uses a baseball bat to get similar bars to go away. They look to be black however. Mine are all colors and like changing.

    What gives?
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    May 16, 2005
    In my experience, the baseball bat trick has always been indicative of either a vibration related problem or a poor connection.

    I suggest using a multi-colored baseball bat.
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    Dry joints, or crook connection. I was waiting for the bat to go thru the screen......

    Your own problem does appear to be y drive boards which are several PCBs running along the top and bottom of the screen connected to the ribbon cable of the panel. Hopefully you havn't damaged the ribbon cable, it is very fragile, and hopefully you havn't "Zapped" the boards thru lack of ESD protection.

    Also, if the fault was a bright line, and it has been there a while, it will have permanently burnt a dark patch in the panel. (burn in)
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