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    Reference :

    With respect to explanation of linearity, it would be better if the scaling and additivity property are stated.
    For example : Although y=mx+c, with c !=0 is mathematically a linear function, when it comes to circuit, if
    an element has V = iR + k, k !=0, then it is not a linear element.

    Linearity should also imply, no input = no output.

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    I disagree with several aspects of those statements, if the graph is a straight line, it is linear. Crossing isn't part of the definition, though for a resistor it is the norm. There are many cases that solid state circuits are linear but not referenced to zero as part of the function.

    I agree with this statement (part of the review at the end of the chapter).

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    A single supply op amp may have a linear response to an input, and yet have an output = 1/2 Vcc with no input.

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