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    Mar 29, 2009
    Please let me know about LT1764AE rating definition noted as
    "Line Regulation Typical 2mV, Max 10mV"
    "Load Regulation Typical 2mV, Max 20mV" on the attached datasheet

    1) About Line Regulation
    a) What <delta Vin> means.
    b) Whether 2mV is Absolute value or 2mV/V.

    Generally, I know that line regulation rating is note as like 0.1%/V.
    Please kindly advise me about difference between LT1764AE's <2mV>
    and general <0.01%/V>.

    2) About Load Regulation
    Whether 2mV the absolute value under 1mA to 3A ?

    Many other products note rating as like 0.1%.
    Please let me know about difference between LT1764AE's <2mV> and

    Thanking you in advance

    SunSung Hwang/Wit., Inc.
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    Nov 28, 2008
    Delta Vin is the change in regulator input voltage. It can be give as a single value or a range. If a range is given, you can work out the value by subtracting the two end points. The advantage of giving a range is to let the user know the exact conditions where the result is being obtained.

    Absolute for the regulator with that particular fixed output voltage.

    The output actually changes by that much and is not a ratio. Different results are given for several fixed voltage outputs for this regulator series.

    No difference. It is just how the manufacturer choose to post the data. You can work one out from the other by simple maths calculation as you know exactly the changes in input and output voltages.