Linear Programming Graph on a TI nspire CX?

Discussion in 'Math' started by Fordy, Nov 29, 2011.

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    Nov 29, 2011
    Hi, basically what I'm trying to do is solve a linear programming problem on an Nspire CX calc.

    So say a question is given:

    Maximise P = 7x + 11y, subject to:

    x + 2y <= 30
    x + y <= 20
    x >= 0
    y >= 0

    Firstly, how would I graph a line with a single value for x, and infinite values for y? (ie x >= 0).

    The rest I can graph with:

    y >= 0
    y >= 15 - x/2
    y >= 20 - x

    But trying to put x to the left of the (in)equality symbol throws up an error "Reserved name".

    How do I graph it?

    After that, how do I obtain a max value for 7x + 11y, within the 'feasible region' satisfied by all inequalities?

    Thanks for any help.