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I hate to ask such a simple question of you all, but I can grasp answer.

First: stanley gate actuator, 12 DC

Second: the actuator has 5 amp microswitches to limit the travel

Third: I am using the acuator to power my solar tracker.

I have gone to:www.beam-wiki/using_limit_switches, but I still can not see throught the circuit.

The actuator has the following wire location in the motor box: Motor +, Motor -, Com, Ret and Ext. The microswitches are spdt, motor is rated at 3 amps@12 volts. I have room to install relays to handle most any amp spike.
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Of course the link does not work, I failed to give the full address.

Should be:

Maybe this will work, thanks for the interest.
Now, the link takes me here:

ETA: Apparently, the link you posted defaults back to the main page. I can't imagine why, but I found the page you referenced.

Here is the link to the page I think you are referencing:

What is your question about that page?
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The switches can be set to NO or NC configuration. The problem I seem to have with the beam circuit is the Ls1 and Ls2 going to ground. I understand that by using an "H" bridge I can change poliarty to reverse the motor rotation, should I run power into Input1, then Ls1 then motor? Ls2 at this time would be switched to provide ground, thus completing the circuit? Due to the size of the microswitches(5amps) I think I need to add a relay, yes/no? Now that I am thinking about this should the incoming power be routed to the microswitches first? With both Ls1 and Ls2 being wired + then wire to the motor lead, while the - motor lead to the common side of the switches. Sorry for the rambling.


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Look at my schematic.

Connect your COM to ground.
One of your NC limit switches is S3.
The other NC limit switch is S4.
They make/break the ground connection for the power relays.

The power relays can be standard automotive relays that have both 87 and 87a connections; that indicates they are SPDT relays. This schematic will not work with SPST relays.

If the limit switch contacts are closed for the direction that the motor is asked to run by closing either S1 or S2, then the motor will run until the contact of the limit switch is opened. You can optionally add other NC controls in series with the limit switch; for example if the gate strikes an obstacle.