Limit switch motor control

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    Oct 8, 2010
    I have read many of the posts about this subject and attempted to synth all the info into my own creation. Im not a circuit guy, but have read some of the basics and built circuits by instruction. I cant tell which of the posts ive read would best suit my purpose so here I am.

    I want to control a 12v motor back and forth on a track. Kinda like a model train going back and forth on a straight track.

    There is a limit switch at each end that will stop the entire motor system as it is immobile and the trolley will press the switch.

    The trolley motor should switch directions and go to the other switch.

    The trolley oscillates back and forth til i turn off the power.

    I have made a model in croc clips, and the image i have sent is all i can do to "make" it work in the program.

    I used 6v to not blow parts in the program. I want 12v and would like a speed controller of some sorts for the motor if possible.

    Those are npn transistors

    The pos and neg of the 4017 chip are not shown and automatically connected by program and set to 6v, same as my source.

    My motor will be 300RPM 12V DC Motor with Gearbox.

    I dun know circuits, these are pieces of info I have put together, I would like to get a circuit by a person who knows better. this one works, but im sure its not the best way to do it

    Thanks for the help.