Liion Batteries

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  1. chrisw1990

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    Oct 22, 2011
    short question..(probably a long answer)
    i intend to use a liion battery (link to ebay)from an ipod to power a design, but want to use a USB charger IC, say this one on the farnell website made my microchip:
    two questions..
    1) does a single liion battery count as a cell? the datasheet mentions charging a single cell.. but im unsure whether the battery i want to use is a single cell?
    2) With the charging of this battery, if the usb in was disconnected, would the charging IC > battery connection need to be broken/switched open? in order to work properly?
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    Dec 20, 2007
    The link says the battery is 3.7V so it is a single cell. It is not Name-Brand so it is probably cheap and probably has poor quality. It might be old. It might not even work.
    The Li-Po batteries for my RC model airplanes are Name-Brand and are the latest 6th generation that work much better than older generations.

    My friend bought 10 Chinese Li-Po batteries from E-bay for a low price. They barely work and are garbage.
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  3. chrisw1990

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    Oct 22, 2011
    many thanks! ill give the ebay ones a go, prove the concept and see how they do, the ipod replacement stuff on ebay seems to be quite good from what iv found :) (screens anyway)
    but like you say, batteries are a different kettle of fish, is easier to bodge a battery than an ipod screen!