Lighting control via TRIAC triggered by I/O from ESP8266 ESP-12 NodeMCU Arduino Nano

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I was researching about how to control lights / loads via a NodeMcu ESP8266 and got to this great webpage and then this thread:
In my room there is 22 square LED lights, 6 Watt each, recessed in the ceiling. Each of them has their own transformer.
My desire was to be able to control them individually in on / off, so I could have running lights, light effects and eventually modify the circuit to cut the phase-angle for having them dim-able.
They should be isolated via optocoupler and fused with 80mA or 100mA (120V AC).

Reading the link, mentioned above, I started designing a circuit which I would like to produce via PCB.
What do I need to modify so that I can get this thing working OK, I appreciate any input.


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The LED lights will not be terribly happy with phase control, they will not dim as you desire.

The LED "transformer" probably has circuitry to regulate the LED current, this circuitry will fight your efforts to dim them, resulting in unstable and unsatisfactory results.

You can turn them on and off, but expect some glitchy timing.