light activated on/off switch schematic?

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Hey guys

I am a beginner and just trying to get started with things that are simple but helpful.

I have an automatic airfreshner that squeezes out a fresh aroma of lavender every 36mins EVEN if i am gone or sleeping :confused:.

What i want to do with a sensor is have it to where when someone turns on the light and then as soon as its turned off it sprays the sent.

Any ideas on how to do this. I have an little night light from the dollar store i am not using. I thought about drilling a hole and wiring that sensor up in order have it work as mentioned.

ANY ideas would be a great help.


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Hi Joulian,

I can appreciate the problem you're facing.

However, the night light is only rated to operate a 7W bulb, and I have no idea how much power the automatic air freshener might use. It's probably very low when not dispensing aroma, but it may use a fair bit of power when it is.

It is probably not safe to attempt to power the air freshener using the night light as a switch.

We like for our newbies to stay with low voltage (under 45v) for a good period of time, as low voltage is relatively safe; about the worst that can happen is getting fingers burned from hot components and soldering irons.

Working with mains power is inherently dangerous, and requires a good bit of experience with the low voltage stuff before attempting a project powered directly by the mains. If you should happen to make a mistake, you could set your home on fire, get injured or be killed very quickly.

It's really not worth the risk to your health and home.

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Hey Sarg,

No its just 2 AA batteries.

Oh yea, I totally agree even though i have taken DC and Digital at the local CC. I still think I better stay away from the 110v for a little while longer.