Library Management System

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I'm working on a library management system using RFID tags as a project. This project is simply about placing an RFID reader at the entrance of a library and reading the RFID tags from the library visitors while they enter the library and while they exit the library and logging them in and out in the system plus reading the tags of the books that the visitor is carrying while exiting the library and putting them in the database.

But, as you can see from the description that we need an RFID reader with a big range (around a meter or a little longer) which is VERY EXPENSIVE, and we're building a prototype of the system. so, we're going to use a reader that has only 3 inches of range. The real problem here is how are we going to detect thefts?? I mean if we placed a low range reader and the visitor passed his card and the books that he wanted 2 borrow and walked his way out of the library, how can we know that he passed all the books that he's taking out with him, or if someone passed only his card in the way out without passing any book, how can we detect that he didn't steal a book??