LG TV spying on users


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They said I was crazy when I told everyone that the little people in the TV were looking back at everyone and watching what we were doing.

Now who's crazy!? :p


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That does it. The day has arrived. My TV watches me and reports my activities. Our governments will naturally take copies of all information (to protect us from terrorists). I can only take comfort in hoping that I will die of natural causes before they take me to the "security" camps.


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That does it. The day has arrived. My TV watches me and reports my activities.
I have a wife for that. She watches everything I do. Analyzes and then makes less than properly informed decisions about what should be done to me over them.

At least if the TV is doing that it's doing it quietly and noninvasively. :rolleyes:


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I talked to a L.G. tech about a diagram ,he said he had all the diagrams on his computer.

He said he couldn't share any information ,no more sams.....the diagrams are hidden

away on computers of corporations. No more do it your self.


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I didn't try to any thing more ,I have had visits to plasma T.V. shops and have seen

how well they do. If you have the energy you can get motel-hotel account and go thru

the back door of Samsung and get a service center agreement and accounts.

60 T.V.'s and you have a business ,a tech has an advantage.


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LG service manuals and diagrams are freely available to the service industry. However they probably don't supply service information to the general public.

Re the spying, I saw a TV ad recently where a bank was promoting the fact that they "protect" your credit card by checking all purchases against your profile, ie so if a little old lady hires a Harley they know the card might be stolen.

They were quite keen about selling this feature to the dumb masses; "Aren't we great? We are checking all your purchases against your personality and it is for your own good!".

Anyone with a brain can see the implications in an almost cashless society, for a bank to do full data collecting on not only everyone's purchases but also collecting data (and deliberately keeping it long term) about your personality profile.


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Directv, has been doing this for several years.

You cannot even delete your history.

That is how they offer up suggestions, for your viewing pleasure.:rolleyes:

"Homeland InSecurity", and every other corporate and governmental agency, has been out of control for years, especially after the "NonPatriot Act".

In New York, they will pay you $500.00 to spy on, and turn in; your neighbors and friends.

Not to mention the mosquito sized Drones.

All a conspiracy, to keep you under surveillance, and under control; by Fear.

Don't fall for the Fear.:D


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"Not to mention the mosquito sized Drones."

How do they stop birds & bats eating them?
They don't, that's future "Tech" why do they need that when they have other implanted devices to do that for them.

e.g. Radio's, TV's, Microwaves, Refrigerators, Cars, Cell Phones. :p
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"They" have been watching you and recording your habits for decades... Your spending habits have been watched on credit/debit cards. Cable TV and Satellite TV have been watching your TV habits for decades. Your grocery spending has been watched with these silly little 'club' cards for your favorite grocery store for the last decade or two... sure you save $0.30 each visit, but that 30 cents is you your privacy.

And each time, you signed on the dotted line giving them the okay to do it because you wanted the service and or convenience in return.


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Directv, has been doing this for several years.

You cannot even delete your history.

That is how they offer up suggestions, for your viewing pleasure.:rolleyes:
Excuse me, but if you never connect the DirecTV box to the phone line, or allow it to connect to the Internet, how do they know what you are watching?

Likewise, I have a Samsung SmarTV used only as a monitor for the DirecTV box. I never connected the TV to the Internet. How can anyone remotely monitor what I watch?


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I had a relevant conversation with my god-parents last week.

The subject came up when I said that a friend of mine used the API of his Android phone to create automated SMS responses. Whenever his girlfriend texted the word "where" to him, the phone would reply with his GPS coordinates on a map automatically.

This led to a conversation what is the balance between benefit and invasion of the private life for the western consumer, given the presence of data collection systems in our modern life.

I protested against it, saying that today, even if we wanted to rise up to an oppressor, we wouldn't know who he is and that data collection is profitable only to the collector, not his clients.
However, my god-father replied that, in short, in the past, oppressors would wage wars to get richer and expand their influence, which caused poverty, sadness and death. Today, the oppressor expands his influence via consumerism and moreover, isn't in his interest for the consumer base to die or be poor. He needs the consumers just wealthy enough to buy his goods, so in a sense, we are better off.

This put me in thoughts.